Brit media's growing audience in America

A New York Times article reports on British news sites seeking out readers in America, including efforts at adapting in some ways to appeal to American readers. The trend has disturbing ramifications. The BBC has become a leading news source for elite decision-makers in America. 

British news sites often have an anti-American perspective. The British media frequently serve as apologists for terror and many outlets across the pond have an anti-Israel animus; the BBC is infamous for its bias (something it was forced to admit (see also here and here) quite recently. A simple google search of the terms "bias" and "BBC" is revealing regarding the extent and scope of BBC's bias. Yet Americans in particular tend to defer to British sources as authoritztive. The Financial Times a few years ago was rated the most influential international media brand.

The National Union of Journalist in Britain recently voted to boycott Israeli goods and services as a protest against Israel's actions meant to protect its citizens from the Hezbollah terror group.

This website keeps an eye on bias at the BBC
. Tom Gross also does a superb job monitoring the BBC. Honest Reporting and CAMERA are on the job, as well. The innovative and pro-active Israel Project is also to be commended for working with journalists to factually portray the conflicts that rent the Middle East.