Be afraid. Be very afraid

Okay. So John McCain is going to have to (formally) drop out of the race soon. Imagine, if you will, the mischief McCain can do now that he doesn't have to even think about appealing to Republican primary voters.

McCain has adopted the positions of the editors of the New York Times on water-boarding and other such methods of interrogation of terrorists (against), restrictions of political speech (for), tax reductions (against), amnesty for illegal aliens (for), guaranteeing votes on judicial nominees (against).

Except for the war in Iraq, what's left? The mind reels.

And, who will an ultra, ultra furious John McCain blame for his rejection by Republican voters? I'm afraid I can hear his concession speech in my mind. It ain't gonna be pretty.

Words and phrases that will appear in John McCain's dropping-out speech? My entries in the contest to predict them:

my conscience

unpopular stands

never taking the easy road (or route)

counseled to abandon my principles

one lesson I learned in the military (or Navy)









never hesitated to

my parents taught me

being a loyal Republican doesn't mean (or does mean)

I am also submitting these as my entries for the contest predicting the words and phrases that will appear in the editorial (and/or front page story) in the New York Times saluting John McCain for being that rare animal: an honest and principled Republican.