Arafat, AIDS and Malevolent Narcissism

Well, the big secret about Yasser Arafat's death is out, thanks to his lifelong comrade-in-terror, Ahmed Jibril. Jibril droolingly revealed that Arafat died of AIDS. According to Mark Steyn, this was

"...pretty much an open secret in diplomatic circles. ... it prompted many knowing chortles among political types I mentioned it to today, along with fond reminiscences about Yasser's corps of hunky blond Scandinavian bodyguards - an odd bunch of chaps to find in Ramallah, but presumably they were doing the jobs Palestinians won't do."
What's most important is that

(a) Neither the vaunted "news media" nor any governments in the world chose to reveal this open secret to the rest of us, including the Palestinians themselves, who were taken in hook, line and sinker about the true nature of their glorified leader, at the expense of their lives and their children's lives; and

(b) The revelation confirms Arafat's malignant narcissism. Because our hero Yasser was not just gay; he could be as gay as he liked. The problem is that he was a Typhoid Mary, just as much as the 18th century heterosexual sailors who spread syphilis to the world. Syphilis is still killing people today, but it exploded around the world at that particular moment in history. Medical scientists have known for centuries that infectious plagues spread geometrically, starting with a few individuals and then accelerating explosively by way of major vectors of infection. The only way to stop a plague is to stop it early, before it explodes. The biggest hubs in the networks are always the most dangerous ones. Arafat was a major contributor of the virus to a major hub of infection.

Arafat most likely picked up the disease from a gay playmate, perhaps provided by the criminal Romanian dictatorship of Nikolai Ceausescu, and passed it to his bodyguards, and from them to all the political centers in the Middle East. After AIDS was clearly identified as predominantly a male homosexual disease around 1980, passed most often through dangerous anal sex, Arafat must have known exactly what he was doing. His physicians must have known. And yet, to the best of our knowledge, nothing stopped him from spreading the virus to as many other people as he liked, spreading death and mortal suffering, in pursuit of nothing more than personal pleasure.

The psychiatric term for that is "malevolent narcissism," which comes down to treating human beings as objects to be used and abused, simple victims to be infected and thrown away to satisfy one's personal whims. Obviously the diplomatic and political world knew all about it. All the intelligence agencies must have known, and all the top diplomats and heads of government. But they colluded in hiding Arafat's murderous narcissism from the world at large. Because Arafat's attitudes about sex no doubt applied to his politics and war-making as well. Human beings were there to be used and thrown away. But nobody told the Palestinian people, the Israelis, or the rest of the world. Instead, the "international community" gave Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize.

Gives you a kind of warm feeling inside, doesn't it?
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