The peasants are revolting

The liberal media cannot believe that the immigration bill was defeated by people concerned about little things like mass violations of our sovereignty and rewarding law-breakers. It just has to be racism on the part of the unwashed. You know: the kind of people who don't see the benefits for America in having cheap, hard-working nannies and gardeners, who don't remember how serious the servant problem was before our amigos came here in search of their dreams without benefit of documentation.

The results are sometimes hilarious. Steve Gilbert of Sweetness & Light, with one of the best eyes for photography on the web, caught the Los Angeles Times in full sneer mode a couple of days ago. Today, he caught the Washington Post  blaming small town Americans from places
where men take their sons deer hunting and moms call out to one another in the supermarket in cheerful Southern drawls... [and] the highways leading out of the city have been colonized by the usual sprawl of Home Depot, PetSmart and OfficeMax big-box stores....
Once again, liberals who fashion themselves good people for their concern over the little guy can't help displaying their disdain for those who shop at Wal-Mart.