Revenge of the undead?

Do you know where your Senator is tonight? Well, could be s/he's "hiding behind closed doors," plotting to turn around the wounded immigration bill with a 400-page one-blast kill-'em-all "amendment." Michelle Malkin cites an alert from FAIR (Foundation for American Immigration Reform)
"FAIR has learned that instead of debating amendments on the floor, Senators this afternoon are hiding behind closed doors, drafting a massive, 400-page amendment that will replace huge chunks of the Bush-Kennedy bill currently being debated. Senate leaders are hoping to use the new substitute amendment to reverse changes made over the last 24-hours they don't like, such as the Cornyn amendment on information sharing and the Dorgan amendment that sunsets the Y guest worker program. Leaders hope once this substitute amendment is adopted, they can get enough votes to end debate ( i.e. to pass a cloture motion) and ram it through the U.S. Senate."
Just thought you'd like to know.

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