Obama's church (continued)

Blogger and AT contributor Matt May attended last weekend's United Church of Christ meetings in Hartford. Obama famously attacked the "religious right" while speaking before an establishment element of the "religious left." Also speaking at the same meeting was LBJ aide, and retired PBS-funded leftist Bill Moyers, both members of this denomination.

Read Matt's coverage here. An excerpt:

A very liberal and fast declining United Church of Christ (UCC) celebrated its 50th birthday, with rousing speeches from Senator Barack Obama and PBS commentator Bill Moyers, both of whom are UCC members. 

Both speakers fingered the "Religious Right" as a threat to American democracy. Moyers specifically warned against the Institute on Religion and Democracy for supposedly attempting to disrupt the UCC. Neither speaker offered any criticisms that might apply particularly to their left-leaning UCC audience.

The 1.2-million-member UCC has lost nearly one million members over the last 40 years.  Its decline has accelerated since its formal endorsement of same-sex "marriage" two years ago. 

Although tracing its origins back to New England's early Puritans, the UCC was formally organized in 1957.  Its 26th General Synod met June 22-26 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Wasting no time getting political, the UCC leadership unveiled an anti-Iraq War statement on the synod's first day, to enthusiastic applause.  The statement condemned the "arrogant unilateralism of preemptive war" and apologized for the UCC's supposed "silent witness" to the deaths of Americans and Iraqis.