Larry and Laurie David said to be divorcing

A couple of years ago, I wrote, "Redeeming Larry David from his wife's wacky politics is a life's mission for me."

But I don't wish to celebrate the apparent end of the marriage of Larry and Laurie David, as
reported  by gossip website TMZ. The couple have two children from their fourteen years together, and the kids will no longer have the advantage of an intact home, made all the worse by the celebrity status of their parents. May they recover from the body blow and flourish, as have many children of divorce. They will pay a price.

But I must confess that I have long wondered how a brilliant satirical intellect like Larry David could cope with the obvious tripe his wife was serving up to general public. The man has a great BS detector, and he has been living in an environment full of it.  In 2004, I wrote:
To my mind, being a sharp satirist, Larry David cannot help but turn his wit against the regnant left, even as he overtly seems to be parroting his wife Laurie's  political line. I am in no position to judge whether or not this represents a passive-aggressive, Seinfeldian sneaky bit of human dynamics between Mr. and Mrs David. I hate to admit that I sort of hope so. Many of the greatest works of commentary under oppressive regimes have used second-order satire, overtly attacking one (safe) target, while implicitly ridiculing another sacred cow of those who hold power.
And in 2005 I even offered Larry a bribe for the opportunity to sit down with him and talk some common sense about politics with a man who simply must have a conservative instinct hiding somewhere within the PC armor necessary to survive in the Hollywood circles he lives within:
I am providing Mr. David a gift worth almost $9000.00 ($8990.00, to be exact). Moreover, the laws of the State of California entitle me to collect a fee of up to 10% for this information, money I will forgo, even though I need it more than does the zillionaire co-creator of Seinfeld and creator/writer/star of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

All I ask in return is the opportunity to talk about politics with Mr. David over lunch or dinner some day. I will fly to Los Angeles on my own dime if he will pick up the check. If Mrs. David sends her jet, lunch is on me.

Consider it another Festivus miracle, Larry. Here's what you need to do:

Go here and pick up the unclaimed property the State of California is holding for you. This one is a check for $1050 from Castle Rock Pictures.

Then go here and pick up a check for $7940 that State Farm Insurance owes you.
I never heard back from Larry, who obviously doesn't need the money. Given California law, he probably gets to keep most of his take from the Seinfeld series, assuming it is attributable to the pre-marriage years. And both have them have made more millions recently - she from An Inconvenient Truth, and he from Curb Your Enthusiasm, which must be getting to the point where syndication rights could be sold. The divorce lawyers will certainly have a lot to keep busy with.

I wish the Davids a calm and peaceful divorce (assuming the report is true) and hope that the children manage to cope well with this challenge life is sending their way.