Intra Arab fighting on Six Day War anniversary

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Six Day War according to the civil calendar. So how did the Palestinians acknowledge this significant date?  Demonstrating why they are still without an independent country. Why they are still refugees and living in misery. Spouting hatred of Jews and Israel, violently engaged in intra-Arab fighting, Palestinian Arabs listened to Fatah leader Abbas admit
"On the internal front, the cause of everybody's concern is what is called the security chaos, or more precisely, standing on the brink of a civil war," Abbas said in a televised speech from the city of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank.

The danger posed by factional violence -- in which some 50 Palestinians were killed in recent weeks -- was equal to and sometimes exceeded the "danger of occupation," he said, citing Israeli military attacks that have caused casualties.

In the Gaza Strip, forces from Abbas's Fatah faction and Islamist Hamas fought a three-hour gun battle near the Karni commercial crossing, the most serious flare-up in violence between the two groups in two weeks.

One member of Abbas's Presidential Guard was wounded.

A Hamas source said the group's gunmen had been in the area to monitor Israeli forces near the Gaza border when they came under fire from the Presidential Guard.

Hamas, which formed a unity government with Fatah in March, denied any casualties on its side. But a senior Western security source said several Hamas members had been wounded and accused the group of hiding its casualties.
Of course, this ongoing conflict provides a ready made excuse for all the problems of Arab societies ranging from the national to the deeply personal.
Egyptian columnist Wael Abdel Fattah wrote in the independent weekly Al-Fagr newspaper that Arabs blame the defeat for "everything" - from "price hikes, dictatorship, religious extremism, sectarian strife, even sexual impotence."
Nearly 60 years after the founding of Israel, 40 years after a war the Arabs began promising to "drive Israel into the sea" the Arabs refuse to admit to the reality of Israel, to seek peace, to improve their lot, preferring  a nightmare of hate.