Hillary's brain

Re: How smart is Hillary? Over the years I have sent off a couple of letters to reporters who have quoted various Clinton backers to the effect that either Bill or Hillary had been at the top of their respective Yale Law School class about the need to do some fact checking.  Yale doesn't have traditional grades or class rankings.  All one really can say with accuracy is that someone has 1) attended and 2) graduated.  In addition, only one of Yale's various law journals, the Yale Law Journal, holds a competition for its student editors.  

I was informed of Yale's lack of grades and rankings back in 1995 by Michael Medved.  He began Yale Law School the same year as Hillary but dropped out after the first year to pursue other interests.  He got to know Hillary fairly well before she met Bill in her second year.  Medved later wrote an article on his recollections about the young Clintons, that was published in the Sunday Times of London.  In it he noted that in rewriting their own history for political gain, the Clintons were also rewriting parts of his.  It's an interesting article.  I don't think it was ever made available on line but I may have a hard copy stuck away some place.  

I agree entirely with this take on Hillary's itelligence. I can't recall anything she has ever said or wrote that was original, insightful or witty. I'd add that in addition to being both highly ambitious and in possession of an entirely pedestrian mind, she also strikes me as being unhappy to the core.   Unhappy, driven people who lack insight or wit have generally made poor presidents.  LBJ, Nixon and Carter all come to mind as overly ambitious Presidential sourpusses.