Here's your diploma - now go die for Allah

The graduation season is upon us. Relieved students of all ages triumphantly march across the stage, proudly receiving their diplomas as swollen with pride relatives and friends in the audience beam.  Why now, even five year olds graduate from kindergarten with a little ceremony.  Even the terrorist organization Hamas conducts kindergarten graduations in their schools.

A televised graduation ceremony at a Palestinian kindergarten in Gaza shows little boys dressed in black masks, camouflage fatigues, carrying toy guns, and waving green Hamas flags.

The children vow that their most "lofty aspiration" is death for the sake of Allah.

The ceremony aired on Hamas' Al-Aqsa Television on Thursday. The kindergarten is run by the Islamic Association in Gaza, which is the group that gave rise to Hamas.

In part of the video, girls in white dresses, some wearing butterfly wings, are shown dancing.

Then the boys, dressed like Palestinian militants, march in formation before dropping to flat to the floor to crawl on their stomachs like fighters do.
How can these children, poisoned from childhood, make peace as adults? 

They can't.