Fleeing to the enemy for safety

As the savage fighting continued in Gaza, with fathers sportingly shot in the head by Hamas in front of their terrified children, with the Fatah opposition bound hand and foot and joyfully flung from the rooftops of 15 story buildings, or chased down and slaughtered in hospitals by Hamas, many Gazans discarded fleeting thoughts of brotherhood with their duly elected Hamas masters, instead attempted fleeing to the relative safety of their hated enemy as they

converged on the Erez crossing with Israel on Saturday, trying to leave the Gaza Strip following Hamas' takeover.  At the same time, hundreds of people looted police positions on the Palestinian side of Erez
Barred from entering Israel to continue their terror many returned he next day, however, to
loot from the transit tunnel at the Erez Crossing, in the northern Gaza Strip, Sunday, June 17, (pictured)
As a result
The violence left Gaza increasingly isolated, a situation worsened Sunday when an Israeli fuel company cut off deliveries to gas stations in the impoverished coastal strip.
Despite this shuddering preview of still yet another terrorist Moslem/Arab country, Israel is once again subtly implicated for protecting itself.