Defeat Lindsay Graham

We have a Rogue Senate, running away from the clear and expressed desires of the American people across party lines. Americans do not trust the US Government to enforce our borders. Yet a majority of US Senators are determined to defy common sense and simple honesty, as understood by two-thirds of their voters. They have done so for forty years, and our current immigration mess is the result.

Voters have a weapon to make their voices heard, and it's the vote. Perhaps the choicest target for GOP primary voters is Senator Lindsay Graham, who is up for reelection next year.

Already Senator John McCain has completely blown his chances at the GOP presidential nomination by his support for a miserable immigration bill, an assault on free speech through the McCain-Feingold Act, and decades of pandering to the New York Times.

The Bush Administration does not try to appease Al Qaeda, bless them, but it regularly kowtows to Ted Kennedy. The immigration fraud is the biggest disappointment so far, in George W. Bush's two terms in office. By continuing to push the utterly divisive bill, the President is risking a major GOP defeat in 2008. If conservatives decide to stay home in the next election, the Bush Administration will be remembered for destroying the conservative party of the United States for a generation.

Conservatives should not walk away from the GOP, because that means electoral suicide. Instead, we should run conservative candidates against "Senator Gramnesty," as Rush Limbaugh has aptly labeled him. Lindsay Graham is a human being, with faults and virtues. But he has been suckered into the glamour of Kennedy and McCain, and no longer represents his voters. If a solid conservative candidate can be found to beat him in the primaries, he can retire to pasture.

South Carolina is still likely to elect another GOP conservative, if he is decent and credible, and understands the voters' revulsion against the Washington elite. Thomas Jefferson famously said that the "tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants," every now and then. Fortunately, we have a less violent way of expressing our outrage at the Rogue Senate: A solid primary vote against Senate immigration sell-outs, like Senator Lindsay Graham.

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