Decidedly Dispensable (a poem)

How then does  Joe Taxpayer speak? His cause is just, but his voice is weak.His vote counts to put these dimwits in,But once in place they put their own spinOn what they call the people’s will.Our Congress dances it’s own quadrille. The time they waste is shamefully false. Would any of us join that duplicitous waltz?When I look around at my industrious friends,Who often burn the candle at both ends,(Not because they party with the Capital’s eliteBut because their families need to eat),I find the comparisons reprehensible.Our Representatives are decidedly dispensable.When they go on vacation, early and often,The world’s a better place, tensions soften.The immature performance of these mid-life sagesMakes me wonder why I pay their wages.I do, you know, and so do you.Should we clean the slate and start anew?Mimi Evans Winship(Read Full Post)