D-Day as today's MSM might report it

The Combat Report website has produced a clever satire of the MSM's war reporting by posting to YouTube a sophisticated production, complete with appropriate graphics and news crawl at the bottom, of the way today's MSM might have covered D-Day. My favorite segment is the retired general phoning in an interview bemoaning the appearance of Focke-Wulf 190s in the skies over Normandy, and predicting doom for our troops.

Every bit of news, bemoaned by the experts as foretelling doom, actually happened, as a series of screens at the end of the video notes.

When I noted this video was 7 minutes long, I groaned to myself that such a premise could get mighty stale in that amount of time. I was wrong. This production is first class. Watch it and send it to your friends.

Hat tip:
Bookworm Room