Businesses eliminate Israel (updated)

While Iran's Ahmadi-Nejad consistently promises to eliminate Israel through war and weaponry, some companies, eager to please their Arab/Moslem customers have already done so. 

Continuing its long practice of appeasing terrorists in exchange for the right to gain exclusive reports, CNN has hit bottom by debasing its weather report.  Want to know CNN's take on the weather in Jerusalem?  Three choices pop up:  a) Jerusalem, AR; b) Jerusalem, OH; c) Jerusalem, null. 

Null? Huh? As in null and void? Yep, that's CNN's location for Israel. Click on the other Jerusalems and the towns' name, comma and state appears.  Click on Jerusalem null and lo! Jerusalem comma and the weather for this mysterious place is given.

As Little Green Footballs points out,
Could be an innocent mistake, you say? But that's not all-not by a long shot. Their "Weather Location Selector" lists Gaza and the West Bank as countries separate from Israel-and their list of Israeli cities includes several Arab villages which have not existed since 1948.
But, this is CNN.  During Saddam Hussein's reign all the American networks were forced to leave Iraq; all but one that is.  CNN remained, reporting exclusively about the happy country and its fine ruler.  Years later the secret emerged about CNN's special status; CNN's Eason Jordan had a cozy agreement with Hussein: we won't report anything nasty about you or your country, in return you'll allow us to stay. 

Meanwhile, Samsung, the electronics company is up to its old tricks, eliminating Israel in favor of aiding its consumers in the mythical land of Palestine.  Four years ago, after many protests, they temporarily removed Palestine and added Israel in its  country service center listings.  Perhaps  inspired by visions of satisfied consumers in Gaza, Hamastan,  Israel is delisted once again while Palestine reappears.

So far neither company has answered my questions concerning their unilateral diplomacy.

Update: Reader Jason Paridis writes:

The list has changed at CNN, it now reads:
• Jerusalem,Israel
• Jerusalem,OH
• Jerusalem,AR