Al Gore: Shaman-in-chief?

In what is an example of 'technology may evolve, but human nature stays the same', it finally hit me: the Global Warming alarmists have the same anti-scientific mentality of the natives looking to make sacrifices to the gods so the volcano doesn't erupt.

In those not-so-ancient cultures, questioning the validity of the shaman's beliefs and prescriptions was heresy; today, the chief shaman is Al Gore, and to question the nature of warming is to invite ridicule and, increasingly, banishment from the village.

Here's some news: The volcano is going to erupt or not erupt, no matter how many live chickens, virgins, or billions of dollars in public wealth you (we) choose to sacrifice.

So the question is this: Will you take off your feathered hat long enough for the scientific community to have a legitimate scientific debate about this? Or are you too afraid of the public realizing that the shaman has no clothes?

Another way to look at it: Allow the alarmists to stifle economic productivity, and you've returned to a culture of human sacrifice. Not exactly progress, in my book, but we can let Al explain that one to the millions who will pay the price.

David Youker
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