Why not a debate?

It would be very educational for the nation (and excellent politics, too) if Fred Thompson publicly challenged Ted Kennedy to a broadcast debate about the immigration bill pending in Congress.

If Teddy doesn't agree. Then Thompson could challenge Hillary Clinton. And, so on until he finds a taker.

Cliff Thier

Update: Cliff Thier adds:

I'm thinking a real debate, and not parallel press conferences.

Each participant would ask a question of the other and then respond to the other's answer.

One timekeeper. No reporters asking questions.

It would be a gigantic boost for the very, extremely, acutely demoralized Republican base.

It'd also be good for the Democrat who agrees because her or his arguments would appeal to that party's base as well.

Most importantly, it would be an opportunity to educate the American people about the pros and cons of a critically important proposal. A wonderful public service.

For its sheer pleasure I'd hope that Teddy declines and Hillary accepts. And, she ought to accept. It would elevate her to the position of national spokesman for the Left. Obama and Edwards would scream bloody murder.