Update: The French youths are still revolting

Segolene Royal corrrectly predicted that if she lost and Nicolas Sarkozy won, rioting by those euphemistic French "youths" would follow.  Having so much fun, they continued their nightly routine
Between 300 and 400 youths protesting against French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy smashed shop windows, burnt scooters and clashed with police in central Paris on Monday evening, Reuters witnesses said.
Nantes and Lyon suffered from similar wildness. All in all, in just one evening

Overnight demonstrators set fire to 730 cars and injured 78 policemen.
730 cars burnt in one night!  All those burning cars give off a lot of smoke, a lot of chemicals, certainly harming the environment.  But the environmentalists are silent, perhaps feeling, under the circumstances, opposing Sarkozy cleans the air.

Again, more is sure to follow as Sarkozy proclaims his friendship with the US.