To some, Obama can do no wrong

Why are seemingly very intelligent people drinking the Barack Obama Kool-Aid?

It seems for some that it is enough that he is not Hillary Clinton, viewed by many Democrats as a loser in a general election contest, and not very likable or warm in any case.  But why the rapture over  

an inexperienced mistake-prone former State Senator (3 years removed), who broke his promise that he would complete his US Senate term  and not run for higher office.

Incidentally, why is this broken promise overlooked by those who think he is elevating our politics?

When is ruthless ambition, not ruthless ambition? When the candidate has a sweet smile and talks unifying babble? The following appeared in the May 14th Jerusalem Report, a left-of-center English language weekly. In a puff piece story by James Norton on new Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison of Minneapolis, Ellison described why he supports Barack Obama:
"He's a unifier. He promotes optimism. I think that he can take our country toward a new set of political understandings in terms of generosity, in terms of inclusion, in terms of peace, in terms of sustainability. And I think that the spirit that he conveys is something that everybody can feel apart of, and I think that he represents a new brand of politics, not politics as usual, and I'm with that all the way."
Got all that? Move over Mother Theresa.