The Muslim vote

How many Muslims are there in America? Try 2.3 million, not 5 to 12 million as the spokespeople for Muslim groups like to claim. Will the mainstream media wake up and stop spouting  the 6 to 8 million estimates now that the liberal Pew Trust has come up with the lower population number? 

Also worth noting is that many of the Muslims in America are not citizens, and the age distribution is skewed to the younger age groups. So if Muslims are 0.8% of the population, they are probably at best 0.5% of the voting age population.

Jews on the other hand are about 2% of the population, but almost 3% of the voting age population, given our own  age distribution (more on the older side shall we say), and voting pattern (high turnout rate). In other words, Jewish votes in an election are maybe 6 times the Muslim vote total.

Muslim groups have been saying that the two groups are the same size (or that Muslims are the larger group!), and both groups have equal voting strength. This is an outright lie.