The Kurds build a healthy society; why can't the Palestinians?

Marty Peretz, writing in The Spine blog at The New Republic, makes an illuminating contrast of the Kurds with the Palestinians (and Israelis, too).

... the Kurds followed the example of what the Zionists did from the twenties on. For several decades, even under the raging reign of Saddam Hussein, they built an educational system and a health system, they had a working Kurdish government that no one recognized, they paid attention to all of the requirements for civil society. [snip]

Everyone is passionate for a Palestinian state. There have been at least two declarations of independence proclaiming it. 120-odd countries have already recognized the state of Palestine. The Palestinians have embassies all over the world, and the world's countries have representation in it. Even the government of Israel wants there to be a Palestine, and three of the previous governments have also expressed support and worked for a Palestinian state. In fact, I suppose I want a Palestinian state, too. But the Palestinians don't have a state, and it's not because Israel failed to give them one or negotiate one with them.

The contrast is startling: no one wants a Kurdish state and yet there is one....  I'll wager a bet. The Kurds will be represented as a state in international councils long before the people of Palestine stop killing each other.

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