The Global Warming Squeeze Play

The "global warming cabal" is mounting their aggressive campaign to ban affordable energy, impose big tax burdens on the least advantaged, and advance their "One World" agenda on multiple fronts. The media campaign is merely the most visible part of a multi-level strategy ultimately designed to hornswoggle Congress to sign on to their draconian regime.

Today, another facet of the campaign was brought to our attention courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Washington Post. Bombastically headlined, "Lead or Step Aside EPA," Schwarzenegger and his co-author Jodi Rell, Governor of Connecticut, lambaste the EPA for not taking the threat of global warming seriously. Specifically, the Governors want the EPA to grant them a waiver to allow their states to impose stricter vehicle emissions standards than existing federal requirements. Federal waivers are needed to assure constitutional continuity between state and federal law.

To make their point, the Governors use shopworn debating tricks and half truths. Half truths, such as noting "EPA has granted 40 waivers" over the last three decades. What does this mean? Absent context no one can say, and that's the beauty. Debating tricks, like declaring, "the federal government is blocking the will of tens of millions." AKA, the aptly named ad populum fallacy, i.e. everybody's doing it. And of course they couldn't possibly leave out the the most overused fallacy of all time, appeal to authority, "the threat is real scientists tell us...blah blah"  I know, I know, there's complete consensus, no dissent whatsoever.

So what are the Governors really up to here?  This opinion piece is part of a larger plan to use the well proven "squeeze play" technique to move global warming regulations and legislation. In brief, the scheme works like this:
  • sign on several states to the agenda, and enact laws to your liking that could never be passed in Washington;
  • panic commercial interests fearful of a patchwork regulatory burden;
  • pressure federal regulatory agencies; and
  • concurrently petition the courts to ride herd on the agencies and Congress. 
A recipe for tyranny if there ever were one. Broad details of the scheme are revealed in a recent report by the Congressional Research Service

In 2003, Governor Schwarzenegger once famously told the Los Angeles Times he wanted to make the Legislature a part-time body. He said a full time Legislature too often gets into mischief.

"Spending so much time in Sacramento, without anything to do, then out of that comes strange bills"

Perhaps Governor Schwarzenegger has been spending to much time in Sacramento.  I for one would like to ask the Governor why he signed up as a spear carrier for the global warming cabal. And no dodging the question with those one liners that wow the media so easily.