The Early Days (a poem)

It’s early days in the political season.
Entries prance in the paddock without much reason.

At the moment the Democrats are ashiver
Over the candidates in their presidential quiver.
Mrs. Clinton is as sweet as a street corner shill
With countenance grim and delivery shrill.

John Edwards is the Dan Quayle of the day,
(And he’s just as cute in his adorable way).

What to say of Obama that hasn’t been said?
He can have the nomination standing on his head.

Algore, enjoying his rock-star residency,
Hasn’t the charisma to carry the presidency.
Chris Dodd and Joe Biden bring nothing new,
Though senior deference is their due.

Then there’s Kucinich, and Richardson, too,
And please don’t forget John Kerry.  Who???

The field is still open.  There’s much cavorting,
With two or three others pawing and snorting.

But many entries will scratch as they have always
With few surprises.  It’s early days.

Mimi Evans Winship