Sen. Coburn foils honor for Rachel Carson

Senate Democrats intend to submit a resolution honoring Rachel Carson author of the controversial book Silent Spring. Ms. Carson's book was used to spearhead the campaign to ban the use of certain pesticides, including DDT, that arguably led to millions of deaths and maimed millions more at the hands of that dreaded scourge of the tropics, malaria. Spring and every other season has been silent for those millions dead.

Today, the Washington Post reports that Senator Tom Coburn plans to place a hold on this resolution. Senator Coburn is a practicing doctor. He has made fighting worldwide malaria one of his centerpiece issues. Malaria is an especially pernicious disease because if doesn't kill you it usually leaves you profoundly disabled.   

The Post cites a statement from the Senator's website (unable to confirm) stating he blames Carson for using "junk science" to turn the public against the use of pesticides that have been instrumental in stopping the threat of insect born diseases.

Rachel Carson holds a unique place in our nation's history. Revered on the left by the environmental movement for the role her book played in popularizing their cause, and reviled by right for the devastating death toll wrought by her followers actions. She has become a  kind of memorial litmus test.