Obama is caught in a public fabrication

Barack Obama has been caught in a fabrication (see my earlier blog Home of the Whopper), and the MSM is giving him a free pass. The least other media outlets could do is to back up the Des Moines Register, which has both a transcript and audio demonstrating how Obama lied about what he said about the Palestinians.  

Another paper and, more importantly, the authoritative Factcheck.org have picked up on the Obama Whopper. From Factchck.org:

Eight Democratic candidates debated in South Carolina. We found some minor stumbles.

* Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, explaining his call to show compassion for Palestinians, put a spin on the remark that differs from the way it was originally reported by an Iowa newspaper.
The transcript now has been found by the Des Moines Register, as has an audio (hat tip: Anne Lieberman)

Obama evidently thought he could get away with making up a story about what he said, when challenged about it, perhaps because he was only speaking before about 40 Iowa Democrats at the time. He didn't reckon on the ubiquity of recorders, including telephones, or perhaps he thought that the Des Moines Register would roll over for him the way the rest of the media seems inclined to do.
It says a lot about the man that he spontaneously said nobody has suffered more than the Palestinians, and then when he realized this might cause trouble for him, lied, and said that he had said:

"...if you have the whole thing, said - what I said is - nobody has suffered more than the Palestinian people from the failure of the Palestinian leadership"
How cynical is Obama?