Noah`s Flood Cancelled

Thomas Lifson recently referenced a World Climate Report which says that Andean snow packs have shown little change, suggesting there is no evidence for Global Warming in the Southern Hemisphere. This is absolutely correct, and something the Green Revivalists try desperately to avoid discussing because it illustrates that the Emperor has no clothes. This piece further remarks on the nudity of the emperor; there has been no net increase of precipitation worldwide since 1979. I came across this at CCNet:

The new paper by Smith et al, suggests that there has been no global increase in water vapour content, and undermines the IPCC foundation stone of an enhancement of the increased warming effect of CO2 via increased atmospheric water vapour: 

GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 33, L06705, doi:10.1029/2005GL025393, 2006

Variations in annual global precipitation (1979-2004), based on the Global Precipitation Climatology Project 2.5° analysis Thomas M. Smith et al Abstract The Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GPCP) has produced a combined satellite and in situ global precipitation estimate, beginning 1979. The annual average GPCP estimates are here analyzed over 1979-2004 to evaluate the large-scale variability over the period. Data inhomogeneities are evaluated and found to not be responsible for the major variations, including systematic changes over the period. Most variations are associated with El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) episodes. There are also tropical trend-like changes over the period, correlated with interdecadal warming of the tropical SSTs and uncorrelated with ENSO. Trends have spatial variations with both positive and negative values, with a global-average near zero.

Regards, Paul Biggs

Roger Pielke Sr.
verifies this (scroll down to the last comment.) So, no net increase in precipitation means no increase in atmospheric water vapor (what goes up must come down, as Dr. Biggs pointed out to me), which is something the Global Warming models predict. A hotter planet means a more humid planet, which means more rainfall overall, and it just isn`t happening. In the same blog piece the inimitable Doug Hanson pointed out that the Vikings settled Greenland during the Medieval Warming period, and abandoned it when the climate cooled; right he is! Here is a chronology of historical events as they relate to climatic changes since the Middle-Ages which buttresses Mr. Hanson`s conclusion.

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