Muslim American Society declares victory

Following up on yesterday's entry, "Jihad-by-lawsuit fails in Boston", it is interesting to note the response by the Boston chapter of the Muslim American Society, which has claimed victory in the wake of the lawsuit's withdrawal, even though the dismissal of this care represents a full retreat. (HT: Miss Kelly)

This declaration of victory is much like that of Sulieman in his failed siege of Vienna in 1529. After three weeks of assaulting the city with 250,000 troops, and the Viennese citizens' successful defense under Nicholas von Salm with only a small band of 16,000 soldiers, Sulieman ordered the massacre of all the Christian captives his forces had taken on the march to Vienna, declared victory, and returned back to Istanbul with nothing to show for the effort.

The ISB and MAS-Boston can't stand too many more of these "victories".