More Obama mistakes

More proof that Senator Barack Obama isn't quite ready for prime time--he can't get his self righteous stories straight.   

Asked on national television why he needed a dear pal--who just so happened to be under investigation for corruption (so-o-o common in Chicago)--for help in buying a house, the Harvard Law School grad explained that it was his and his Harvard Law School grad wife's first time buying a house and naturally they needed some assistance with the pesky details. 

Uh, but it wasn't--not really. 
Well said, except that this was not the first time Obama went through the process of buying a residence. Obama and his wife bought a condominium in Hyde Park before purchasing their mansion in Kenwood. Perhaps Obama was making a distinction between buying a condo and a stand-alone home. But Obama was not the first-time residential purchaser he portrayed in the interview.
He then bragged

"I'm very proud of my ethics record. I mean, I was famous in Springfield for not letting lobbyists even buy me lunch.''
Uh, but he wasn't--not really.
However, Obama had a healthy appetite for money from lobbyists and political action committees while a state senator. Just looking at one of his state senate campaign cycles, in 2001-2002, Obama's state war chest accepted donations from, among other sources, the Manufacturers PAC; the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association; the Illinois Education Association; the Illinois Hospital Association, and the Credit Union PAC. A good place to check out Obama's campaign contribution record as a state senator is

Obama also used lobbyists and PACs to help him raise money for his U.S. Senate run and his Hopefund. Obama experienced a conversion once he decided to run for the White House, changing his policy and declining to take money from currently registered federal lobbyists and PACs. He does take contributions from lobbyists with state clients and from individuals with government affairs jobs.
Not that most of this is really illegal.  So why be embarrassed and tell these little white (you should excuse the expression) lies?  Is he already losing his memory?  Or is he so unsure of himself that he must reinvent himself?