Mickey Mouse, jihadi warrior?

Hamas has now enlisted Mickey Mouse in the War on Terror - as an advocate of Terror against America and Israel, attacking Pres. Bush, Sec. of State Rice and Prime Minister Olmert in a children's television program.  They have renamed him Farfur, but he is still obviously and unmistakably our Mickey Mouse.

So far, the Disney Corporation has nothing to say about it.  The Mouse House is legendary for cracking down on commercial appropriation of their intellectual property. But I doubt they have ever negotiated a deal with a terrorist outfit like Hamas. So you have to wonder how far they will go. If they cave, will Daisy Duck soon be mixing chemicals for a pipe bomb? Will Palestinian children sport a Mickey Mouse suicide bomb backpack when Palestinian moms return from back-to-school shopping trips? The possibilities are truly endless.

Jack Kemp is not the politician of the same name.