Eichmann's passport

The International Committee of the Red Cross is supposedly 

an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and armed violence.
That's what they have stated for many years despite voices protesting their bias against some groups, their affinity for others.  Their vaunted claims of independence and neutrality and assisting victims of war has taken another hit with the discovery that
The passport used by notorious Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann to enter Argentina in 1950 has been found by accident in an archive in Buenos Aires.

The passport, still in good condition, was issued by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva.

Eichmann was one of the main executors of Adolf Hitler's 'final solution', the Nazi genocide of Jews during World War II.
But that fits in with the ICRC's real activities which helped many Nazis escape justice after World War ll.  That was then and this is now; the bias continues.  As explained on their home page, they accept three emblems: a cross, a crescent and a diamond. The cross is the symbol of Christianity, the crescent represents Islam but what is that diamond?  Some members of that "independent, neutral organization" totally objected to the Jewish star that is the emblem of the Israeli equivalent, Magen Dovid Adom (Red Shield of David) thus barring them from ICRC acceptance until they devised that diamond as camouflage. 

Could it be that the organization isn't as neutral, as independent as they claim?  And as for their humanitarianism in war zones, the victims in Darfur haven't benefited. And the ICRC still complacently accepts, without an accompanying international outcry, the refusal of the Arab countries and their ngo deadly militias to deny them access to the three Israeli hostages kidnapped last year. 
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