Conservative Bias and Facts

Ari Kaufman's What Conservative Media? while spot on missed the point on why so may liberal leftists think the media is balanced or conservative.

They know the political ‘stuff' is clearly biased in their liberal leftist direction, but they are railing against the news as a whole.

I first became aware of this when discussing how liberal campuses are with a liberal acquaintance of mine. He vehemently disagreed. His rationale? All those science, math, business, and medical courses that would not yield to opinion or feeling - they were by definition (for him) conservative.

Over time it became clear this was not a random opinion or thought process. Liberals find things that cannot be swayed by opinion or feelings to be intrinsically conservative.

Hit them with facts and more facts and eventually their response will be some form of name calling. It's all they know to do - so far.

But holding my nose and dipping into the DU from time to time and there is a sense of violence in the air when too many facts are presented and name calling no longer satisfies.

Facts - a liberal's conservative enemy.

Riley D. Driver

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