Blame-Bush buffoonery

Hi, my name is Tim Schieferecke and I'm a native western Kansas farmboy.  No, I don't know anyone from Greensburg as I'm from northwest Kansas, but I do know what rural folks from anywhere in Kansas are like.  Apparently my current leftist Governor Kathleen Sebelius doesn't though, nor does she comprehend the availability of heavy equipment assets.
It was hard for me to hold my lunch down when I heard her craft an anti-Bush spin on the disaster that befell the good people of Greensburg.  Slow recovery?  This statement is disingenuous at best but in local lingo better understood as a downright lie.
We need trucks?  It seems the good Governor doesn't get out of Topeka much.  Western Kansas is wheat country, and where there's wheat there's wheat trucks.  Incidentally, they fill in quite nicely for hauling away debris when they aren't  filled with grain.  Why do they really need Hum-vees in the mix?  What can they accomplish that a regular old four wheel drive pick-up can't?  Other equipment?  You can't spit without hitting a tractor, spit a little harder and you'll hit one that has a handy scoop.
As far as the people go, they are salt of the earth good people, regardless of race, class or creed in the country.  Unlike certain areas affected by disaster, the people of Greensburg will take care of their current problems themselves.  They will not wait for the government to do this or that, because in the country people still know what it means to be a good neighbor.
Growing up in this environment, I remember time after time the lessons my Dad taught me about being a good neighbor.  Neighbors in the country take care of each other.  From helping a neighbor get cattle back in to helping harvest his wheat if he was ill, neighbors in the country do whatever they can for each other as well as for anyone who happens to have a vehicle breakdown while passing through.  So it will be with Greensburg.
Also, I'd like the Governor to explain just how many National Guard troops it takes to seal off a little town of 1500 from looters?  The good Governor points out plainly opportunistically that 40% of all troops overseas are National Guard.  Now, assuming that 40% of Kansas troops are engaged elsewhere (that's 3,200 of approximately 8,000 total, there are an estimated 4,800 troops available).  To guard a town of 1,500?  Do they have that many down on the border?  That sounds like overkill to me!
It is beyond me how these libs spin everything towards making our good President guilty of this or that.  How is it that President Bush has anything at all to do with a slow response to the catastrophe?  How could ANYTHING have been done differently.  Oh yeah, I forgot, Bush created global warming by colluding with big oil, that created the perfect F-5 tornado, and if only he had signed Kyoto this tragedy never would have happened.  Give me a break!
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