And what do Palestinians get from the US for rocketing Israel and electing Hamas?

There is pressure building on Israel to start

"removing roadblocks and opening passages in the territories and upgrading the Palestinian forces loyal to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Israel is also urged to approve requests for weapons, munitions and equipment required by defense forces loyal to Abbas"

according to a Haaretz report  -  in exchange for steps by Palestinians to stop smuggling weapons into Gaza and firing rockets into Israel - that is, as we've seen a great many times before, for the fox's promise to faithfully guard the henhouse.

"U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is to arrive on May 15 to discuss implementing the plan."

Now more weapons will fall into terrorist hands, and, as happened many times before, US-demanded freedom of movement for terrorists will result in more killed Israelis. And as a reward, Dr. Rice will get an approving nod from a couple of "moderate" Middle East potentates.

Ever heard that politics is a dirty business?

Now you know why.