Adolph's Apology (a poem)

Liberals love apology,

No matter the offense;

The thread of a thin theology,

It need not make good sense.

No matter that the misdeeds,

Were done far back in time,

It satisfies their liberal needs

To confess to any crime.

What happens in their childhoods?

To make these Libs such wimps?

Caught guilty holding history's goods,

They're but reparations pimps.

No matter they had nada

To do with ancestral sins,

It's our fault, yada, yada,

We must make our amends.

With lower lip held twixt his teeth,

A quivering Clinton quailed,

Offering Africa a worthless wreath,

Apologizing that we'd failed.

That sure helped the miserable masses,

Their social(ist) programs all in tatters;

But it untightened Liberal asses,

And that's all that really matters.

So just how far does this extend,

This tolerant Liberal meme?

Will apology all crimes forefend?

Is nothing too extreme?

American slavery's history now;

It's old and misused news;

But what about the why and how

Of Hitler's killing Jews?

Had Adolph managed to survive,

Not swayed to suicide;

At war's end had he been alive,

To take the world in stride;

Had Hitler stood before the courts,

Atoned and apologized,

Would Libs have wet their little shorts?

Their arch-demon lionized?

Such silly gestures of meaninglessness may appeal to Liberal fools,

But they carry no weight with the rest of us who respect reality's rules.

Russ Vaughn is the Poet Laureate of American Thinker.
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