The fount of modern terror

Lately, as the U.S. government leans dangerously toward talking with the Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella terrorist organization has grabbed much front page ink at mainstream publications (like Newsweek), and of course, at internet news sites like AT.

Today, at FrontPage Magazine,
Patrick Poole (who wrote here on the MB in February) replies to the ill-considered rebuttal of Robert Leiken and Steven Brooke to his March 26 criticism of their indefensible Foreign Affairs article, "The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood."

I take issue with Patrick Poole's acceptance of the Leiken-Brooke "recommendation that the U.S. must approach and consider each Brotherhood chapter in their respective countries as entities in their own right, rather than trying to consider the vast movement as a monolithic whole." But otherwise, our occasional contributor is once again right on the money.

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