Reader responses to "What are They Smoking?" (updated)

"Psymon" writes: I get a lot out of most of the writings at American Thinker, but the article "What are they Smoking" by Bruce Hanson is pure bunkum. The writer's understanding of the marijuana market is stuck in the 1970's.

Nowadays very little of the MJ smoked in America is smuggled from Mexico; au contraire, it is almost all domestically grown, usually with great care. The notion that any significant percentage of MJ smoked in contemporary America is contaminated with horse manure is completely absurd.

As you probably know, MJ smoking is extremely prevalent in the US, the drug war being a complete failure. I would venture to say that only a tiny percentage of weed smokers are part of this alleged violent weed cult.
Now here comes a big shock for Mr. Hanson: There are actually MJ smokers who are politically conservative. I greatly enjoy northern California's finest sinsemilla on a regular basis. I also happen to be passionately anti-Jihadist, pro free-markets, anti-socialist, believe in reason and truth (ie, anti- postmodernist), and am sick to death of the Democrat Party and the cultural/political left. Imagine that! And I might be the one other Berkeley conservative along with Mr. Lifson.

It's a whole huge topic in itself, but I believe strongly that the misguided War on Drugs has been an absolute disaster for the conservative movement, the GOP, civil liberties, and the country as a whole.

Phil Gallagher writes:

Psymon hits the nail on the head with respect to the Bruce Hanson article. "Cutting" of marijuana is simply not done. For anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the physical appearance of the plant in any number of stages from field to packaging to consumption, the idea of anything foreign such as horse manure or even oregano for that matter being introduced is simply preposterous.

As for Psymon's closing remark regarding the War on Drugs, he is right on target again. This has been as colossal a failure as prohibition and has resulted in the waste of lives and resources. If marijuana were the drug of choice for old white senators you can bet it would appear on shelves all over the country in fancy packaging.

Dan Lyons writes:

Reader Psymon writes, "I greatly enjoy northern California's finest sinsemilla on a regular basis."  He or she sounds like a very smart fellow, so a word of warning.  I graduated college in 1996 and had buddies that were heavy into the pot culture - loose t-shirts, torn jeans and requisite poster of Jimi Hendrix.  They were some of the sharpest and funniest people I knew.  They still continue to get high on a regular basis.

We got together a year or so ago and went to Las Vegas.  Their speech patterns had slowed considerably along with their physical reactions.  Their former quick wit was entirely absent.  If you did not know them before you would not notice anything wrong with them, but I sure did. 

Larry J. writes:

I read "What are They Smoking?", by Bruce Hanson and I have to take the author to task on two items.

1) gross ignorance of anabolic steroids - If a horse owner was going to give his horse "juice" then he would have a vet inject Trenbolone Acetate.

Oral administration of steroids is very, very ineffective and takes larger amounts of the drug to achieve the same results as directly injecting to the blood stream. Additionally, as in humans there is a greater strain on the liver and kidneys.

2) marijuana - Why do we need to theorize about horse dung mixed with pot when we know that pot has far higher amounts of THC today than in the 60's? If anything, I'll wager that the far higher concentration of THC is pushing more and more pot heads to psychosis.

Keep up the great work! I love American Thinker.

"milesdei" writes:

The risible chain of speculation that Bruce Hanson uses to prop up his theory on how marijuana becomes adulterated by steroids is itself horse manure. Mr. Hanson should acquaint himself with Occam's Razor to avoid embarrassing himself and your otherwise fine publication in the future.

I write to ditto Psymon: I too am a hard core, old-school Reagan conservative who has been smoking since the early 1980s--and by "old school" I mean the fourth century AD. I have been teaching at the college level for 20 years (in the humanities, no less) and am working on my doctoral dissertation. There is no evidence, at least in my own experience, that marijuana affects...ummmm, what's that thing called when stuff happens in the past and you can talk about it today? And also, it has not affected my ability to ummmm, like, figure s[tuff] out, and junk.
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