On rape

A reader we shall identify as "Don" writes:

I agree with all that Kyle-Anne Shiver wrote today on rape, especially,
"And keep up the barrier to a man's temptation in the way that you speak and dress.  Erring on the side of caution - especially when it comes to rape - never did any woman any harm."
This is a segue to a much bigger issue, and that is how our corrupt society constantly encourages women to display themselves as sex objects to men, and encourages men to view them as such.  Curious how, in the early days of the "movement" the feminazis ranted and raved over "objectification" - that was decades ago when the problem was much less prevalent.  Now that there is an unending stream of dangerous messages to both women and men - real objectification, one hears nary a peep from the NOW gang.

The CBS Saturday morning Early Show today featured a segment on women selecting a swimsuit.  One tall (5"11") and bosomy lady chose a suit that accented her bust and was lauded for so doing.  What foolishness.  When a woman displays or draws attention to the parts of her body likely to bring about sexual arousal in men, guys get the message she's sending whether it's the message she intends to send or not.

Modesty and genuine virtue never go out of style, are never unwelcome among decent folks, and are never a bad choice.   But how do we change the flood of "act like a whore" messages to girls?
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