No more GWOT? How about this?

Democrat Congessman Ike Skelton, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has announced that the designation "The Global War on Terrorism" is to be banished.  It is too vague and unspecific. This concentration on the name of the conflict is probably on the recommendation of some PR guidance, for 're-branding' is a popular concept among public relations firms. 
Certainly "Global" makes it seem, um, large.  Perhaps we should be more specific.  How about "the War on Iraq, Israel, The United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Malta, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Argentine, Egypt, England, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, the Philippines, Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, Jordan, India, Russia, Chechnya, Singapore, Dagestan, Yemen, Bali, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, Canada, Somalia, Kuwait, Columbia and Nepal"?
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