Jews for genocide?

Melanie Phillips has gone over the top! Or at least that's what anti-Zionist Jews are saying in Britain. Phillips is a staunch defender of Israel --- which is somehow a controversial position among British Jews in the fever swamps of the Left. She titled a recent column "Jews for genocide," in order to point out that:
"Israel is currently menaced by a pincer movement composed of an Islamic enemy in Iran and Hamas bent openly upon genocide, and a Western world that is softening resistance by delegitimising Israel through libellous demonisation. By publicly fuelling this delegitimisation, (anti-Zionist Jews are) helping pave the way for the second potential Holocaust that is threatened."
All that would seem to be pretty obvious to anybody who bothers to read news on the web. If you doubt it, check out American Thinker, Little Green Footballs, or among many,  many sources.

Nobody would dare to publicly demonize Muslims, homosexuals, or any other group or nation in the world. Somehow Israel is different --- it is obsessively damned in the European media for actions that are immensely more civilized and democratic than we have seen in countries like:

The Soviet Union and Putin's Russia

The Sudan (just elected to the UN Human Rights Commission)

Iran (just elected to the UN Disarmament Commission)

Saudi Arabia

Rwanda under French influence, with Kofi Annan looking on (the genocide)

Zimbabwe under Mugabe

Chechnya under Russian assault today

China in Tibet, during the Cultural Revolution, and in the Tien An-men protest.

The Palestinian Authority and Gaza

Egypt, Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan under the Taliban, etc., etc.

All of Europe before and during WWII

The European Balkans in the 1990s. 
Bizarrely enough, Leftist Jews in Europe are heavily involved with the anti-Zionist movement. Their presence is used to "prove" that the demonization of Israel is fair and objective.

But it's not just Europe. In the United States, according to the New  York Post, Berkeley novelist and Pulitzer Prizer winner Michael Chabon has just published a new novel in which

"Chabon, who is Jewish, depicts some of his Jewish characters as willing to do anything, including massacring other Jews, in the cause of Zionism."
Well, we know how this works. On the Left it's crucial for a hot young novelist to be More Radical than Thou. So Jewish Leftists have to prove their good standing by attacking the only Jewish state on earth. It's a PR ploy of the kind that made Norman Mailer and so successful. And of course it shows what high standards anti-Zionist Jews have. They're so moral that they will kill their own grandmothers to demonstrate their higher sensitivities.

As Phillips writes,

"This does not mean that (anti-Zionist Jews) themselves want such a (second) holocaust to happen any more than, say, those British left-wingers who supported Stalin actually wanted thousands of people to die in labour camps. It simply means that, whether through ideology, ignorance or personal pathology, they are incapable of joining up the dots between the fate of Israel - which many of them believe should not exist - and the fate of the Jewish people."
Well, those are the same folks who think the democratic West should not exist, and exert every effort to destroy the last best hope of mankind.   I personally think that any Leftist who can still go on, in denial of the 100 million human beings killed by Communist regimes in the 20th century must be willfully ignorant, ideologically blind and pathological. If ignoring that central fact about the Left isn't pathology, that word has lost all its meaning.

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