Hailing a hero

Spc. Micheaux Sanders is one of the heroes of Iraq, and Investors Business Daily paints a portrait of the warrior and his valor, and gives us insight into the challenges our troops face in Baghdad.

Sanders' tank pushed down the street between low-slung brick buildings riddled with bullet holes and through fires and barricades that included refrigerators, washing machines and tires. His tank was the first on the scene, a densely populated urban area with civilians mixed in with terrorists.

"I saw Humvees flipped over, dead bodies, explosive devices, barricades, people running, people hiding," Sanders said.

With bullets zipping past, Sanders climbed to the top of the tank, standing exposed to enemy fire, and began shooting the M240 machine gun mounted near the hatch as the tank moved down the street to draw fire away from the trapped soldiers.

When the ammunition ran out, Sanders was forced to use whatever was at hand.

"During the whole incident we were really low on ammo, so I threw anything I could at them . . . rocks, metal objects," he said.
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Hat tip: Ed Lasky