Giuliani and abortion

 I appreciate Stephen Warshawsky's criticism of Giuliani's Abortion Folly on constitutional grounds. However, this focus on the constitutional issues overlooks more fundamental issues.

Specifically, in the interview with Bash, we see that Giuliani is "personally opposed to abortion, don't like it, hate it, ... But it is your choice, it is an individual right."

Giuliani has his supporters. I suppose they identify with his stated position. For me, a position must make sense before I can identify with it. His position can be restated as; I hate killing the unborn, but the unborn is a woman's property to do with as she chooses. This rationale has a precedent in our history, and goes something like this; I hate slavery, but whites have a right to own blacks as property.

Does Giuliani deny the illogic of his rationale when applied to the slavery question, and if not, then how is that same rationale not illogical when applied to abortion? Given his nonsense response to questions concerning how the constitution applies to the abortion issue, I see no reason to think he wouldn't respond to this question with nonsense as well.

Giuliani's responses in the Bash interview lead me to believe he thinks abortion is an individual right because Roe v. Wade says so. This is not leadership. This is a follower following. If he hates abortion so much, why accommodate the pro-abortion crowd by saying abortion is a right? The abolitionists opposed slavery regardless of Supreme Court support for slavery. They hated slavery, and were leaders committed to the anti-slavery cause based on reason. Giuliani shrinks in comparison.

Warshawsky is correct to use Giuliani's position on abortion as basis for questioning Giuliani's integrity on immigration, health care, gun control, and taxes. We part, however, concerning whether or not he is "a better overall candidate". I offer no similar words of support, which should not be taken as support for any other candidate.

Instead, I explicitly reject Giuliani in the hope that clearly worded rejection will embolden a better person to step forward.

James Baker
Littleton, CO
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