Email from a Palestinian

We just received the following email from a self-identified Palestinian living in London. I have no way of verifying his identity, but the emailer provided a street address and a telephone number, so I am inclined to believe it is genuine. It certainly provides a perspective different from what one finds in the media.

My name is Rami Abdulraheem and I'm a Palestinian refugee who lived in Lebanon most of his life and living in London as asylum seeker for about 3 years. Actually I would like to reveal for you a very important fact and that is most of the Palestinian refugees don't want to return to 1948 land(Israel) and even don't want to return to the west bank and Gaza even if a Palestinian state is established.

I my self and thousands would prefer to live in Europe if they offered that and the reason of that is most of Palestinian refugees will not be able to integrate in Israel or the Palestinian territories because we have been out side for more than 60 years.

Actually the Arabs' leaders and the Palestinian leaders are just using the refugees issue just to get more compromise from Israel about the land and Jerusalem and the Palestinian leaders are just exploiting us in this matter. I'm ready to bring thousands of signatures from Palestinian refugees that they prefer to live in Europe if they offered that opportunity.

I would like our voice to reach your media that most of Palestinians find it not possible to live in the 1948 land or the west bank.

I'm living in London and ready to make any interview with the media and bring other Palestinian refugees to listen to them that they prefer to live in Europe rather than to return Palestine.

Actually the Arabic media  that I try to contact in order to hear about that reject the idea simply because they don't want to reveal the facts about what we want if you can help us in bringing our voice to your media and to the world we will be very happy in order to show the world that the refugees issue is not as the Arab leaders exploiting it

Best regards,

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