De Facto Diplomacy

Nancy Pelosi went to Syria, not as a private citizen, but on our payroll in her official capacity as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives - in rather flagrant violation of not only the Constitution, but also in defiance of a specific request by our Commander in Chief -- during wartime. Quite reasonably, the Syrians are milking this for the excellent propaganda opportunity that it is, and the entire enemy world of Islamo-fascism is indeed significantly "aided" and "comforted." 
Can anyone with even a smidgen of common sense or knowledge of our Constitution regard this public act as anything other than villainous treason?  When the person who stands so precipitously close to the Presidency of the United States uses her high office to interfere in our relations with antagonnistic nations, there is quite a bit more at stake than when a grandmother interferes with how her children are raising her grandchildren.  And I wonder if this might be exactly how Ms. Pelosi regards what she has now done.

President Bush is in charge, but she does not agree with how he is handling our war against the Islamo-fascist axis -- he has put Syria in a "time-out" -- so, instead of respecting his right to this lawful authority, she takes Syria back to the playground and gives it lollipops -- while at the same time, reminding them they have to play nicely and by the rules from now on. 
But who is the bigger idiot here?  The kindly grandmother who interferes -- possibly single-handedly giving victory to our enemy and causing many more American deaths?  Or the American people who let her get away with it BECAUSE she is one of our kindly grandmothers and we don't want to hurt  her feelings.  In my opinion, Ms. Pelosi has set the cause of any sort of feminism back at least 100 years with this stunt, and the only thing that remains to be seen is how long it is going to take the public to realize that grandmothers who cannot control their impulses should not be in powerful positions that gravely effect the rest of us.

This has proved a shameful excursion for all womankind.  And a deadly one for all Americans.