Canadian libs caught red-handed

Canadian Libs were caught red-handed stealing conservative personnel files, and then tried unsuccessfully to bully the publisher of the Western Standard, the newspaper reporting the theft.  The newspaper wrote:

It's less serious than Watergate in that the Liberal party did not actively break and enter into their opponents' locked offices. Instead, when the Liberals swapped offices with the Conservatives after losing the election last year, Liberal staff took 30 boxes of files the Conservatives had packed for Parliament's movers. It's still theft, but it wasn't particularly premeditated.

In other ways, though, it's more serious than Watergate. To this day, the Liberal party has no compunction about what it did. Liberal operatives brag about how they spent a year going through the documents-including 174 personnel files of Conservative staff. The Liberals held a press conference to describe their "research" and made a video of the whole affair, brazenly posted to the official Liberal website. The video highlights various confidential personnel files, revealing the names of some of the staff who had their most private matters inspected for political grist. Perhaps a secretary was having problems at work because she was going through a divorce; perhaps a clerk asked for help in dealing with a substance abuse problem. Whatever private details were contained in those human resources files were read by voyeuristic Liberal "researchers" looking for dirt. That's not called being Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. That's called being a Peeping Tom.
h/t: GMMAC