But the UN does work hard

There are some grouches who complain that the UN is a useless, anti American, anti Israel, anti everything we hold dear black hole money pit that does nothing.  Well, looky here and prove them wrong--UN peacekeepers hard at work:

UN peacekeepers write a report after Hezbollah members erected a billboard showing a picture of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, the Israeli soldiers held by Hezbollah guerrillas since last summer
Uhm, some might object, but "What about this provocation?"  "What about the illegality of crossing a peaceful border, killing eight Israeli soldiers and holding these two incommunicado?"  "Why hasn't the Red Cross been allowed to see these soldiers?"  Why hasn't the UN done anything about all of these basic violations of UN principles?   

Well, the UN can't work that hard; those tasks are definitely not in the job description.  Bashing Israel is. 

hat tip:  Little Green Footballs