As long as they are renaming places....

Now that King County, Washington has officially re-attributed its name to Martin Luther King, because the original honoree was a slaveholder, others have some suggestions.

Cliff Thier writes:

The month of March should immediately be changed to the month of Civil Rights March.

Its time we stopped honoring dead Roman emperors, anyway. They certainly owned slaves. August should be changed to the month of August Wilson.

July must be changed to the month of Julius Erving.

Hey, and what about the planets? Of the nine planets, only one is named after a woman and none are named after a person of color.

The people of Seattle shouldn't be allowed to get away with merely changing the name of one small county. There's much more work to be done!

And, in New York City, Kings County (Brooklyn) must be renamed Martin Luther King's County. C'mon all you progressive New Yorkers, you don't want to think that you are all racists.

But let's not forget that the family of Martin Luther King requires royalty payments for republishing or replaying his speeches (especially the "I have a dream speech).

Will the King family require royalty payments for every piece of Martin Luther King County stationery that is mailed out?

Lastly, will the police in Martin Luther King County, Washington State, be required to use civil disobedience instead of force when apprehending criminals?

Bob Teter writes:

Booker T Washington State is OK, but I would suggest George Washington Carver, DC to eliminate the confusion we now sometimes have between the state and the nation's capital.

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