An Arab-American rebukes Pelosi

Emilio Dabaul, an Arab-American with relatives in Syria, writes a superb rebuke to Nancy Pelosi on the website of the American Congress for Truth.  This one is a must-read, and I take off my hat to Mr. Dabaul and ACT for a piece that is logical, clear, well-written, and full of passion. Follow the link, but here is a brief taste:

Among the older members of my extended Syrian family, there was a general attitude that kindness equaled weakness.  It wasn't that they didn't believe in charity, but that it must be parceled out carefully, because those of ill intent can be quick to take advantage of those they perceive to be gullible and soft.  This is what Nancy Pelosi either doesn't understand, or doesn't care about: she's being used by the very people who want to destroy us in another round of window dressing, subterfuge, and deceit.  I suspect that Pelosi knows this, but is more intent on trying to undermine the President than in looking at how she could best support national security. 


Damascus and Tehran will continue to taunt and undermine us, and the UK, until they know they can't.  Assad would be a lot less likely to cut checks for terrorists if he knew it could cost him his job or his life.  And the same is true of the little guy in the leisure suit over in Iran.  This is what they both understand and respect: force, not treaties and tea. 

And Pelosi would probably be adverse to hang out with these guys if she knew F-18s might be approaching. 

He calls for prosecuting Pelosi for Treason. I would prefer that the Logan Act be used, because it more directly applies, and because getting a conviction would be easier.

Hat tip: Jack Kemp (not the politician)