The fascists among us

While watching TV some time ago, I witnessed a few moments of a protest.  I can't even remember the whys or what fors.  Probably had something to do with the WTO or Bush or something Republican. The circumstances really don't matter.   But what grabbed my attention was a woman whose displeasure with the police caused her to utter, "You're fascists!" 

She was an American woman yelling at American police, calling them fascists, and she didn't understand--and probably still doesn't--that she had no idea of what she was talking about. 

Consider this: If those policemen were really fascists, the woman would have said nothing, fearing for her life. And if she did have the courage to call them fascists, and they actually were fascists, they would've agreed with her by laughing, smiling, and possibly beating her, just a little, for fun.

The depth of the woman's ignorance is astounding, particularly since she probably fancies herself an expert when it comes to the subject of oppression

Right now, she's probably sucking down a latte at Starbuck's with friends, having driven to meet them in her SUV (thank-you, Halliburton!) after dropping off her child at private school.  In the midst of the coffee klatch, she bemoans the situation regarding the [insert vulgar name] in the White House, and states how she sublimates her hate with fictional assassination films, and weeps a river of tears over Global Warming while discussing the building of concentration camps for Climate Change skeptics.

In American, protestors who feel free enough to throw around the term fascist should be happy the word isn't a boomerang, but the irony is that woman, our antagonist, is probably a fascist and doesn't even know it.