Michael Crichton on GWT orthodoxy

The Daily Ablution publishes an interview with Michael Crichton, certifiable genius and global warming skeptic.  I am proud that his position seems to mirror mine rather closely. He is struck most powerfully by that which bothers me the most:

How has your public stance on climate change been received?

Any departure from environmental orthodoxy is marked by ad hominem attack, vigorous spread of false information, claims of criminality and mental derangement, and general nastiness.  Apparently this is one area where reasonable people cannot disagree.

It's interesting that any entity as complex, changing and difficult to comprehend as the environment should be guarded by organizations that allow no deviation from a single point of view toward what needs to be done.  One might have predicted a rather broad range of environmental viewpoints, promoted by an equally broad range of institutions and activist organizations. There is some variation among organizations, of course.  But on the subject of global warming, no deviation.  That is to say, I am aware of no environmental organization that does not claim global warming is a major threat that must be dealt with now.

I leave it to your readers to explain that puzzle. Complex subject, simplistic response.  [....]

What is the most serious threat facing our civilisation?

Loss of classical liberal values in those western societies that embraced them....
Hat tip: Sally Vee

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