I want my money back (a poem)

I’m going to ask for my money back.

I’ve just been watching the Plame non-attack.

I’m seeing my tax dollars chewed up and spit out

By mindless ditherers with plenty of clout

And apparently too much time to fill.

There’s nothing to do on Capitol Hill.

They’re desperately trying to earn their keep

By creating non-issues while Americans sleep.

On to a stage I saw “important people” climb

To perform in a Fitzgerald pantomime,

Knowing the ending before they started,

With taxpayers again from their earnings parted.

 While all sorts of officials are collecting top pay,

These leeches are giving our country away.

Congressional biggies appear to give a darn

As a pretty blond spins an improbable yarn.

We’re a country in peril, we’ve a world in crisis,

But this nibbling nonsensical clutch of mice is

Eating away at our inner core

As we doze in the sun, and I say “No More!”.

Will you please help me to get my money back

If you become president, Mr. Obama, Barack?

Mimi Evans Winship